11 Writing Tools to Take Your Content from Good to Great


No matter what type of writing you are currently involved in, if you are a committed writer, you know how challenging that process can be.

You’re always searching for inspiration, ideas, aspiring for correctness and readability, all in pursuit of perfection.

Creating the perfect content is quite subjective since everyone has their own perception of perfection.

However, what you can do is to give your best until you and your readers are both satisfied with the outcome.

Considering that the world of the internet offers many helpful tools, it would be a shame not to get some use out of them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most useful content tools out there.

Idea Generators

Coming up with fresh ideas can be the hardest part for some.

What to write about?

I bet you’ve had this question troubling your mind at least once.

While coming up with a completely authentic idea is something you need to do on your own, there are some tools that can help you with this step.

1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Blog writers will love this useful tool. It is so simple and so effective that you’ll be amazed.

All you need to do is to enter 1 to 3 keywords. Based on those keywords, the generator will offer you some suggestions. The long list of topics will help you choose the one you prefer the most, or it will guide you in the right direction.

2. Ideaflip

When you think of an idea that has been largely exploited, you don’t have to give up on it. Just use Ideaflip.

This web app is the perfect choice for brainstorming and shaping ideas. In the interactive environment, you are able to write your ideas, manage them, and ultimately develop them into what you want.

3. The Latest

Want to give your readers the hottest news? This website will keep you posted about the most trending topics.

Browse through it to check out what fits your type of writing. If you need some extra source, head to Google Trends which will back up your search.

Writing and Editing Services

Every writer encounters a lack of inspiration or the sense of not being good enough. In those moments, it can help if you cooperate with other experts.

They can review your work or give you some ideas if you are stuck. A helping hand can sometimes give you that push you need.

Additionally, editing and proofreading tools can highlight where you made the mistake and help you correct it.

Here are some of the best writing and editing services that can be of great help.

4. Trust My Paper

This service will provide you with professional assistance. Meaning, that all of the writers working for this company are experts in this field.

Their experience with different issues and subjects will be useful in situations where you don’t know how to continue with the writing.  If you need some editing or proofreading help, they can also help you out.

5. Studicus

If you want some help with your writing in no time, here is the service for you. They have 24/7 customer service where you can get all the right information and inquire about what you need.

Their team members are the best writers in the business so you don’t have to worry about quality and professionalism. If you want to narrow down your search to dissertation writing services, check out Supreme Dissertations. This company also provides high-quality service.

6. Grab My Essay

With this writing service, you can get anything that you need – assistance with writing, rewriting, editing, or proofreading. Considering their vast number of options, it is no surprise that they have many satisfied customers behind them.

They offer individualized service and the authenticity is guaranteed. It can be useful to have such effective service in mind when the creativity stops rushing in.

7. Grammarly

Here is one simple, yet effective proofreading and editing tool. It is available online and all you need is to upload your document and it will highlight all your errors and give you possible solutions.

The tool also shows you the level of correctness, clarity, engagement, and deliverability. In addition to this, you can use Best Essay Education or WoW Grade. These services can help you make the corrections.

Enhance Your Writing

When you want to power up your writing with some different wording or you need a little push to get through the process, these are the tools you need.

Once you see what they are all about, you will notice how every one of them can be extremely useful.

8. Unsuck-it

Looking for the right word that can replace overused jargon can sometimes be a real nightmare. The inventors of Unsuck-it completely understand that trouble which is why they created this magnificent tool.

Avoid jargon and find a replacement for it by simply entering the word in the search section and wait for the results. It’s that simple.

9. Power Thesaurus

For the latest linguistic terms and wording inspiration, turn to this online tool. This user-friendly, free thesaurus app is crowdsourced. Which means that there will be no ads to distract you.

Browse for some new terms in a simple and elegant interface. The website also shows global trends for most searched terms.

10. Ilys

When you need some control and discipline with your writing habits, Ilys can be your saviour. This tool’s technique may sound strange at first, but it has proved to be very helpful. So, when you need to write content fast, here is the solution.

The way it works is that you enter your desired word count and get to writing. The catch is that the app only shows you the last letter you type.

There is no procrastination or you’ll lose it all. Only after you reach the set goal, will you be able to see and edit the content.

11. Copyscape

Every serious writer needs to have a reliable plagiarism checker in its arsenal. Without it, you can face some unwanted and unneeded trouble.

Even if it’s done unintentionally, plagiarism is still a serious problem. Find out if your content is as original as it should be by using this popular tool.

Over to You

Now that you know all the right tools that can aid you in your writing, it is time to get to business. There will be no more room for excuses once you start using these tools.

You’ll be covered in case of any emergency, from editing to writer’s block issues.

What you need to do is to keep these tools in mind and use them when the time comes. All that is left to say is let’s get to writing!

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