15 eCommerce Strategies to Boost Black Friday Sales


There were an estimated 7.4 billion online shopping sales during the Black Friday of 2019. 

This was an all-time high in sales for a Black Friday. 

With another massive sales day looming, it’s important that e-commerce businesses work on their online strategies. They need to be prepared to boost their sales, especially with more people shopping online because of the ongoing pandemic. 

If you’re an e-commerce business, you should know the best e-commerce strategies when it comes to marketing. 

These strategies can give your online presence a boost just in time for the holiday sales. 

Here’s a guide on the 15 best e-commerce strategies to use in your business

1. Create the Best Offers

Before Black Friday sales emerge, you need to create compelling offers for your customers. You need to create offers that incentivize someone to buy on during one of the biggest shopping days of the year. 

Your offers could be discounts on specific dates at a certain time. You can then send email reminders of the offer. 

If you want to create a compelling offer, you need to have a significant discount with your product. You should need to show the scarcity of what it would be like to not have that product. 

2. Start Sending Emails

Another important e-commerce strategy before and during Black Friday is to send email campaigns. 

This is a great way to spark interest and awareness in your product before you actually send it out. You can send welcome emails, promotional emails, and broadcast emails. 

Email campaigns are a great way to communicate with your subscribers. You can send them discounts and offers that get them to buy your product on Black Friday. 

You can also send abandoned cart emails. These are sent to subscribers who may have placed a product in their cart but never fully checkout. They are sent to subscribers to reignite their interest in your product. 

3. Make Sure Consumers Can Shop on Their Mobile Device

With more people shopping on a mobile device, it’s more important that your website and sales pages are optimized on mobile. 

You want to make sure that consumers have a seamless experience on mobile. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility that your website is indexed, is SEO friendly, and the loading speeds are fast. 

These can all help with keeping the customer on your website. It can help boost your Black Friday sales

4. Retarget Audiences

While you may know to target audiences during Black Friday. You should know how to target audiences based on their interest, where they live, where they shop, their age, and other factors. 

You should, however, also be retargeting audiences. This is equally and if not more important than targeting audiences. 

When you retarget audiences, you can send them new information about your business with Facebook ads or other forms of advertising. Retargeting audiences is a great way to reignite someone’s interest in your product. 

You should retarget people who visited your website, who checked out a specific page on your website or sales page, watched a video of your business, and or clicked on your ads or organic content

5. Have a Flexible Return Policy

Another e-commerce strategy to include is a flexible return policy

Some consumers may be hesitant to buy from your business if they feel like it’s nonrefundable. They want assurance that the product they receive can be exchanged or returned, especially if it arrives damaged or it’s not what they expected. 

When you include a generous return policy, you are giving people a reason to trust your business. You are showing them the benefit of buying your product. 

6. Have Landing Pages Set Up

Having multiple landing pages set up can help that show different offers. This is also a great way to A/B test different forms of advertisement copy. You are seeing what landing pages work the best with your market. 

If you discover that a particular landing page is excelling, you should consider creating similar landing pages that encourage more action.

7. Have Coupons Ready

Another strategy to consider is having coupons ready. You want to make sure your website is ready for coupon codes when consumers enter them on your website. 

You should also have multiple coupons sent out to consumers to encourage them to buy from your business when Black Friday arrives. 

8. Create a Seamless Checkout Experience

A simple and seamless checkout experience can enhance the user experience and boost sales for your business. 

If consumers are on your website and are about to make a purchase, but discover that there are multiple confirmation pages, it could give them a reason to doubt the purchase. 

You want to create an easy checkout experience. This means including a guest check out option so consumers don’t have to sign up and fill out their information to make a purchase. 

You also want fewer pages that confirm someone’s purchase. You don’t want to give consumers a reason to hesitate when they make a purchase from your business. 

9. Spread Awareness on Social Media

If you want to spread awareness before you offer major sales on Black Friday, you should consider posting pictures and videos on social media. 

This can help spread awareness of your ideal market who hang out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. You should be posting pictures and videos on social media talking about the promotions you are offering and what to expect during Black Friday. 

10. Have an Abandoned Cart Strategy

It’s important that you have an abandoned cart strategy in order to reignite someone’s interest in your product. 

Some people forget to make a purchase or may have changed their mind for whatever reason. To reignite their interest, you can retarget them with ads about the sale that is closing. 

As already mentioned, you can also send email campaigns that spark someone’s interest and remind them that they have an item in their cart. 

11. Make Sure Your Website Is Optimized

Another critical e-commerce strategy is to make sure your website is optimized. 

If you are expecting a lot more visitors on your website around Black Friday, you need to make sure your website speeds are loading fast. You also want to make sure your pages are updated with the latest offers and discounts. 

12. Have Multiple Campaigns Set-Up

If you want more e-commerce sales, you need to have multiple campaigns set up. This means you should have multiple advertising campaigns that promote different offers and products. 

When you have multiple campaigns set up, it spreads awareness that you have more than one offer and you have multiple products on sale. 

13. Create Loyalty Rewards

Another e-commerce strategy that can entice people to buy on Black Friday is loyalty rewards

This means when someone buys from your business around Black Friday, they earn loyalty rewards. For example, you can offer double the number of rewards when someone shops on Black Friday. 

This encourages people to sign up and become a loyalty rewards member and to shop from your business. 

14. Start Advertising Immediately

The key to getting a head start on Black Friday is to start advertising immediately. You want people to recognize your brand and your products sooner. 

When you advertise, you also have a better idea of who your target market is. You can test your product with a particular audience and see how well it performs. You can also test different offers and promotions and see which one is the best. 

This gives you an idea of what works and what doesn’t when you create offers for Black Friday. 

15. Create a Buyer or Gift Guide

The final strategy is to create a buyer or gift guide for consumers. This can help them figure out what to shop for. 

This can help your consumers figure what the best thing to buy is from your business, particularly what the best offers are in your business. 

It also creates trust with your consumers. When you give them insight into your products and are transparent with them, they are more likely to trust your brand. 

Now You Know the Best E-commerce Strategies

Overall, these are the best e-commerce strategies that can help you deliver the best experience for your consumers and the most sales for your business. 

To reiterate the major points, you need to create the best offers by sending personalized emails; don’t forget about the abandoned cart strategy.

You also want to make sure your website is mobile-friendly and that you can retarget consumers who visit your site. In addition, you also want to have return policies set up that give people the confidence to return something if they don’t like it. 

Another major point is having landing pages and coupons set up for visitors, and have a seamless checkout experience. To help promote your sales, you need to be on social media. Lastly, you need multiple campaigns set up that offer loyalty rewards.

Don’t forget to start advertising immediately!

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By Alex Thomas
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