4 Brilliant Methods to Simplify Your Marketing Strategies


Complex. Confusing. Frustrating. These are common adjectives used to describe marketing strategies.

Developing a branded marketing strategy takes more time, thought and effort than creating a company for many entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, many tools and tips exist to take the frustration out of creating a strategy, making it simple, straightforward, and successful.

Today’s post will detail three simple ways to simplify your marketing strategies.

Check them out below.

Target a Specific Audience

Far too often, brands try to be everything to everyone.

Those who have been in the industry long enough understand that this just isn’t possible; in many cases, less is more.

To identify your target audience, do some research and check out how your results measure up to the product or service that you’re trying to market.

Look into where the most interest lies, and who would be most likely to fall into your audience.

Build a marketing plan around the information you find, targeting a single audience.

Pick a Single Goal

See the theme?

Narrowing your options is an easy way to simplify a marketing strategy. When deciding on a goal, picking just one is a great strategy.

To determine your goal, ask yourself a few questions.

Are you looking to increase your social media presence with follows, likes and comments?

Is increasing engagement levels across all online platforms most important?

Are you trying to increase website conversion rates?

By starting out with a focus on one goal, you can avoid adding elements to your marketing plan that do not relate to that specific goal.

This reduces clutter and headaches along the way.

Cut Down on Distractions

Look for ways to simplify your branded messages, keeping with the pattern of the first few tips.

Websites on the Internet, especially social networks, are filled with distractions.

At any second, a user could be pulled away from your post or page to a friend’s photo album, to another company’s ad or into a group discussion that doesn’t relate to you at all.

This doesn’t mean avoiding traditional social media is the best route to go. However, setting up a branded community environment that minimizes distractions may be beneficial.

Online community platforms make it easy to incorporate branded marketing schemes while avoiding distractions and outside “noise.”

Consider a Content Marketing System

One person cannot be responsible for 10 social networks, interaction, content creation and publishing and other marketing endeavours.

In many cases, it needs to be a team effort.

This can be problematic for startups and smaller companies that simply cannot afford to increase the size of their team.

This is where a content marketing system comes into play.

Content management systems, like Hootsuite, allow content to be published across multiple systems without the added effort.

If this idea is new to you, consider a crash course in content management to learn about how a system of this type could simplify your actual efforts while maximizing your impact.

Simplifying a marketing strategy starts with simplifying your thinking.

First, narrow down your options and work at smaller, manageable goals in ways that eliminate distractions while helping branded efforts grow.

Creating a strategy doesn’t have to be a complex task; it can be a simple, efficient way of increasing your reach.

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Alex Thomas

I've been involved in digital marketing for over 10 years and have worked with global and local companies on large scale SEO and PR campaigns. In my current role at Breakline, I'm responsible for winning new business, creating, implementing and overseeing SEO campaigns, social communications, online and offline media relations.

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By Alex Thomas