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5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing is NOT Working


Content marketing creates awareness and advocacy for your brand if performed correctly.

The problem is that far too many marketers find that their efforts are not delivering successful empirical results.

If you are concerned about the results that you are not achieving via your content marketing efforts, consider the following five reasons why many are not reaping desired results from content marketing endeavours.

1. A lack of understanding of what your audience wants and values

Whether it is content marketing or any other discipline in marketing, empathy for your audience is the most important factor of success.

Understand your audience.

Play to their concerns and interests.

2. You talk about you, not what your audience wants

Remember, if you are trying to attract a target audience, it is about their needs and interests. Not your agenda.

Winning content is the intersection of what the brand stands for and what the audience values.

Yes, you want to tell your brand story and display your brand expertise, but the content must be developed to deliver value to your audience.

3. You do not have a distribution and proliferation plan

Producing great content is only the beginning. Great content is worthless if it does not get seen.

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You need to have a plan to get the content exposed, shared, and proliferated.

Successful content proliferation comes from a strong social and influencer marketing strategy and plan.

4. You are not implementing the right tactics to allow your content to be easily shared

Are you making it easy for your content to be shared?

Do you have share buttons on your content?

Are you reaching out to the people that you know that value your content and have a significant network?

Do you know the media channels and influencers that carry the topics you cover?

Cover the details that will help your content to travel.

5. You do not know what success looks like

What are the realistic outcomes of Content Marketing?

You should not expect sales to be a direct outcome content marketing.

But certainly, awareness, consideration, loyalty, and advocacy are realistic and compelling outcomes of content marketing.

These stages tee up sales. See the Content Marketing Metrics article for the details.

Some say, “don’t sweat the details.” But actually, you need to work the important details to make your content marketing drive results.

And if you work the details as suggested above, I guarantee you it will be no sweat getting a successful content marketing plan implemented.

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Alex Thomas

I am responsible for pitching and winning new business, creating and implementing SEO campaign strategies, social communications, on and offline media relations. I am passionate about spreading knowledge about SEO and always search for new ways to improve.

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By Alex Thomas
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