6 Ways to Become More Customer Centric


Customer centricity has become a bit of a buzzword in the online marketing space. But what is customer centricity?

How does one become customer-centric?

To put it simply, a business that puts the benefits and interests of their customers at the centre of everything they do is customer centric.

In today’s day and age when customers are hyper-informed and increasingly behind the wheel on the purchase journey, business cannot afford to not make them their priority.

That’s why any business or company started with the sole aim of serving up nothing less than stellar customer service has the biggest chances of success.

Think about global brands like Apple and Amazon that take their customers seriously no matter what, and it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

Today, any marketing approach you take, be it in the online or brick-and-mortar space, it needs to truly and completely be focused on your customers

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

When you know who exactly your customers are, their pain points, their purchase behaviours, and preferences, you can provide them with the right services/solutions right at the moment of need.

Modern customers look for personalised attention from brands and you can give them that only when you know them well.

Listen to your customers

It’s not just about satisfaction surveys or asking your customers whether they are happy with your services.

Listening to your customer really means monitoring and tracking their behaviour, experiences, and feedback across all touchpoints within the buying cycle, and even beyond.

Communicate the customer-centric culture

To build a customer-centric brand image, strengthening your customer service is not enough.

You need to make customer-centricity a culture that runs across all levels of your organisation. That’s how you can become truly customer-centric, which will reflect.

Develop A customer experience strategy

Your customer experience strategy should a well-planned structure to meet or exceed the expectations you create through your branding and marketing efforts.

With a sound customer experience strategy, you can become a brand that not only talks the talk but also walks the walk.

Build long-term relationships

When it comes to business success in today’s era, it’s all about how strong your customer relationships are. In fact, strong customer relationships are first steps to creating brand advocates and loyalists out of your customers.

Celebrate your customers

When your business success touches the sky, you need to celebrate it with your valued customers.

Show them your gratitude and love through providing exciting deals, offers, and discounts.

You could also plan special campaigns to thank them, and to attract the attention of new customers and prospects along the way!

Delivering remarkable customer experiences each time, every time is key to becoming a customer-centric brand.

When that happens, it will inevitably help build a positive online reputation and generate valuable word-of-mouth benefits for your brand.

About the author

Alex Thomas

I've been involved in digital marketing for over 10 years and have worked with global and local companies on large scale SEO and PR campaigns. In my current role at Breakline, I'm responsible for winning new business, creating, implementing and overseeing SEO campaigns, social communications, online and offline media relations.

By Alex Thomas
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