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7 Reasons Why You Need More User-Generated Content


User-generated Content (UGC) refers to content created and posted on social media in favour of any product without any kind of paid promotion involved.

The content can be in the form of images, videos, blogs, audios, testimonials, tweets and everything else in between. 

Social media usage is rapidly growing which exhibits a bright future for UGC marketing strategies. We can already see the use of UGC all over the digital marketing industry and the day is not far when UGC will be the primary way of marketing online. 

UGC works as a digitalized form of word-of-mouth. The thing that has changed is the medium.

Earlier the word was spread face to face but now, social media has become the channel of sharing messages and thoughts, therefore they use social media to spread the word about a brand.

The main reason that UGC is so effective when it comes to marketing is that it helps with some of the most important aspects of marketing.

UGC makes it easier for brands to grow and connect with the users as it is more relatable as compared to branded content. It gives users the confidence of being able to use it like other people. 

Reasons why you need to have more User-Generated Content:

Builds social proof

Social proof means that the users are happy with your product. Moreover, they are socially posting about how much they like it too. 

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Generating more UGC means more users are posting about your brand i.e. more social proof for your brand. You can use that for your marketing and also integrate it with your website. It can help you with gaining user trust and boost conversions.

Trust building

UGC is a voluntary and unpaid form of promotion. It is unique and dynamic in nature. The users know that if someone has posted something on their social media willingly without any kind of monetary reward, they must actually feel it. It portrays originality.

The users act like your brand ambassadors that encourage their friends and followers to go ahead and try your products. They share their views on the product and clear all doubt beforehand that increases the trust factor automatically.

More UGC means that you have more users. When new users look at the posts by your users, they can trust your brand for they can see how happy your users are. 

It builds a community

When people share content using your branded hashtag on social media, it creates a hashtag community for your brand.

The larger the community, the higher your brand can go. It provides your users with a platform to interact and inspire each other with their use of your products.

The community creates excitement amongst others for being a part of it. 

Diversifies your content

We all know that large quantity brings diversification. Similarly, the more UGC you have, the more diversification in your feed. 

A large pool of users will bring in more creativity, originality, and uniqueness with all their posts which can help you build a very dynamic and diverse collection of content for your marketing. It can also bring a lot of different approaches to the use of the products.

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Increases social media status

More user-generated content means more use of hashtags. UGC is primarily shared on social media platforms, high usage of your branded hashtag can get your hashtag trending. 

People discuss and share trending content on social media and it doesn’t take much time to spread across. It can help you with more exposure to the market and social reach.

Boosts conversion and decreases bounce rate

If you use UGC on your website, you give your visitors the practical display of your products giving the users a final push to buy the product.

The more people share about your brand and more people know about your brand, the higher the sales. 

When more people engage themselves with your brand, the sales will definitely increase.

These factors result in higher sales and a better conversion rate for your brand.

UGC not only boosts conversions but helps in decreasing the bounce rate as well. When people see other users using the same product, they also want to own the product.

Now that they know so many people are using it, it gets easier to trust the brand and product too.

Builds brand value

More users, more trust, more content, more conversions together work towards building brand value.

When you give so much importance to UGC, it showcases that the brand is primarily focusing on users and their opinions about the product. This increases the loyalty of users and they value the brand more. 

If the brand value increases, the brand automatically grows.

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How to utilize User-Generated Content for your brand?

You can utilize UGC for your brand with the help of UGC platforms such as Taggbox. These platforms help you manage your UGC in the best way possible. They help you with aggregating, curating and displaying your UGC. 

They fetch content from various social media platforms and combine them at one location. After this, you can curate them according to your requirements. You can then embed them on your website or showcase them through digital screens also.


Utilizing User-Generated Content can work wonders for your brand. It is the most genuine and trustworthy way people present their reviews for your brand’s products and services.

This will not only help you with the above-mentioned points but gain more loyal users as well. UGC is the best way to gain an edge over your competitors.

You must have heard, the more the better. Similarly, more UGC gives you brand more reliability and the people can trust your brand more easily. More UGC also makes your website more attractive and vibrant for the visitors.

So try collecting more user-generated content for your brand’s marketing and see how you can take your brand to the next level.

Sent by guest author: Anne Griffin

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