8 Essential Elements of a Strong Content Strategy


What makes one brand to reach the skies and another one to fall to the bottom of the pit? 

Its marketing strategy. 

In the online marketing world, your content acts as a backbone of marketing strategy.  

Competition is getting tough; brands are now eyeing for any space they can get featured; creating and promoting content has become too difficult… but has it?

Smart brands exist! What do I mean by smart brands? Brands that know how to place themselves in the right way and to the right type of audience.

From blogs to social media to affiliate sites to YouTube and everywhere else. That’s how brands become smarter, richer, and better equipped to reach the skies.

But… it all starts with the content strategy.

So, in this blog, I will discuss some of the essential elements of a strong Content Marketing strategy. 

Content Strategy: What Makes People Drool over Your Content?

Learn about the elements that experienced content strategists use to format their content plans.

Single Voice

Writing for a brand? 

Your brand must have a single voice. If not, it wouldn’t be a brand but a newspaper/magazine filled with different writers. 

Anyway, whatever approach you take should focus on driving sales to your brand. For that, a single voice is preferable.

Forbes conducts a ‘Voice test’ for every piece they write. The editorial team decides this through a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and a style guide.

These need to be planned before starting the content process. Your content team must have SOPs and style guides prepared from the start.

Strong SEO

Content is at the heart of any business, but veins cover that heart. And these veins are the links that you have with other parties across the internet. 

What do we call this in simple terms? 

We call it SEO

It covers both on-page and off-page factors of the website. A strong SEO plan brings organic traffic to your website that you lacked before.

Digital Agency experts from Group M say that a brand should mine queries related to their industry, learn about the user-generated content they have, and use it for their pieces. This is the best way to rank higher in searches and bring relevant traffic to websites.

Clear CTA

A clear Call to Action (CTA) defines the interest of your business. Although you shouldn’t be throwing your CTA everywhere on your blog. But, you should put it where people are the most interested in your brand. 

This can be right at the bottom of an article when they have to take action. Or, when you mention a service that closely relates to your brand. Or, when you are talking about a problem and providing your service as a solution.

Persuasive Writing

Why do people buy? 

One of the primary reasons people buy is because they need something. 

But the real question is: How often do they buy it?

It is when you make them realize that they need something. 

That’s what a persuasive piece of content does. It makes people know they need something, and that they need it right now! It is just like the commercial of that Telebrand product that you will crave to buy. Or, it can be that AliExpress product that you have seen on Facebook and you want.

We call it IMPULSE PURCHASE. Mark my words, people make impulse purchases every day. And, if your product is something under $50 tag, persuasive writing is going to create wonders for your sales team.

Helpful Content

We have already discussed impulse purchases, but not everything can be bought on an impulse. You surely wouldn’t buy that smartphone on a whim, no matter how lucrative the offer looks. 

  • You would want to know what features it offers, what value it can bring to your life, and which company has made it. 
  • You would then do a cost/benefit analysis and think about the resale value of that smartphone before coming to a decision. 

That’s how everything – other than impulse purchases – is sold. But, what if I provide you with everything about that smartphone including its features – it is from one of the biggest manufacturers and that it has the best camera and the latest features. 

Would you buy it? 

Totally Yes! 

I just provided you with helpful content, and you were sold immediately. That’s why to trade something; you need to make the audience aware of how that thing can help them.

Go Omnichannel

You can’t find everyone everywhere. You may find some of your target audience on Facebook, some through a Google search, and some through paid channels. That’s called omnichannel marketing.

Now, don’t get impressed right after seeing that Facebook stands tall amid all. You never know, what you would be missing by not tapping into other social media channels. 

According to stats, 80% of people rely on Instagram to make sound purchasing decisions. (Isn’t it eye-opening?) This surely says a lot.

You have to search where your audience is and then approach them right there. There are tools available that you can use, like keyword planner tools, influencer marketing tools, audience insights, and audience finding tools.

Problem/Solution Focused

A brand offers services or products to its customers. The best way to do that is by asking their problems and then providing solutions in the form of content that will be either on the brand’s website or on a third-party website. This is because people will be searching for these problems online. 

When they find a solution to that problem, they are going to buy it. Vander Bloemen‘s digital agency says that too many writers write to rank for keywords. But the best way to make yourself a thought leader in your industry is by writing about the problems of your customers.

Story Telling

Finally, whatever you write should resonate with your brand. How can you make that happen? 

By creating a story around it. 

Let’s suppose you operate an online leather jacket store. You want to sell jackets to potential customers. But the problem is that you are ‘just another brand’ in the market. 

Now, what if you change your audience’s perception. What if you market yourself as a brand that cares for its audience?

Remember, the game changes when you give your audience something good to talk about. Take the help of ephemeral content – Instagram stories are perfect in this case. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you create your brand story – Make your customers feel like they are not purchasing a product only but blend of durability and quality. 

Position your brand in a way that when anyone talks about the leather jacket, your leather brand strikes their neurons in the first go. 

Time to hone your content strategy

Now that you know all about content strategy. It is time to refine it further and practice what you have learned. Remember failing is a part of success. So, even if your content strategy doesn’t work the first time, keep trying!

About the author

Alex Thomas

I've been involved in digital marketing for over 10 years and have worked with global and local companies on large scale SEO and PR campaigns. In my current role at Breakline, I'm responsible for winning new business, creating, implementing and overseeing SEO campaigns, social communications, online and offline media relations.

By Alex Thomas
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