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Alex Thomas

I am responsible for pitching and winning new business, creating and implementing SEO campaign strategies, social communications, on and offline media relations. I am passionate about spreading knowledge about SEO and always search for new ways to improve.

How to Choose an SEO Agency – 6 Important Points


Choosing an SEO Agency to do your online marketing is an extremely important task. As many experts will tell you, the search engines are constantly changing, and it takes a keen eye to stay on top of the trends. We got you covered, 6 important points to consider when you choose an SEO Agency...

Dominate Google Search in 2017 Using These Simple SEO Tips


  SEO is the way to Dominate Google Search If you’re reading this you’re probably interested in how to bring your website at the top of Google’s search. You’re likely wondering how you can appear relevantly and organically on the top of any search engine, even Bing and...

The 10 Most Common Website Design Mistakes


With a recent surge towards mobile browsing and cool new design options like parallax scrolling, the web has seen millions of websites receive facelifts over the past few years. It has also led to a lot of poor web design choices that prevent consumers from fully connecting with brands. From...

Top 10 Tips to Improve the On-Page SEO of Your Blog


Do you want to get more traffic for your blog? We know the answer and how to do it. You have to improve the on-page SEO so it ranks better in the search engines. In addition to the ways to promote and spread the articles of your blog, you need to optimise the on-page SEO of each […]

The Most Common Errors When Using Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a web tool used by every webmaster, which offers a lot of data about the acquisition and behaviour of our users. However, most of the data provided by this default app are useless. When you explore the tool you can see graphs that show you, for example, how many visitors your...

UK SEO Agency
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