AuthorAlexandra Milhat

How to Ethically Scale Your Link Building to 20+ Guest Posts a Month

Last February, bloggers published 70 million new posts on WordPress. That’s 2.75 million new posts per day. With over 400 million global readers each month, blogging has become a highly competitive industry.  Regardless of your niche, the competition is fierce. Link building is a tried and tested way of generating more traffic to your blog. When you get other websites to link back to you...

How to Repurpose Blog Content on Social Media

If you are managing several blogs across a number of social media platforms, repurposing content can be a lifesaving option. Therefore, it is worth putting efforts in repurposing your blog content to make it appropriate for your current readers. Besides, you can find a whole new viewpoint on a topic that you might have missed out on the first attempt. Not only it will save you a lot of time...

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