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Alex Thomas

I am responsible for pitching and winning new business, creating and implementing SEO campaign strategies, social communications, on and offline media relations. I am passionate about spreading knowledge about SEO and always search for new ways to improve.

Nina Stankova

Nina covers all aspects of agency work, from administration, finances, through to creating and implementing marketing strategies. She is a great motivator and always has ideas - even when faced with challenging circumstances.

Audrey Throne

Audrey Throne has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. Her passion for writing dates back to her pre-blogging days. She loves to share her thoughts related to business, technology, health and fashion. To date, she has given life to multiple worth-a-second-read pieces. Audrey is a fitness freak and loves to travel. When she isn’t writing, she takes her kayak and sails to discover more ecru and earthy tones.

Jacob Gregory

Jacob is a Digital Marketer and Content Marketing Specialist from Australia. He assists businesses to create a unique and engaging public profile. His expertise includes web design, website copy, content strategy, SEO, and all facets of marketing.

Aaron Chichioco

Aaron Chichioco is the chief content officer (CCO) and one of the web designers of Design Doxa. His expertise includes not only limited to Web/mobile design and development but also digital marketing, branding, eCommerce strategy and business management tactics as well.

Kyle Douglas

Search Engine Optimisation pro, blogger, website marketing consultant and card game enthusiast. A serial entrepreneur, Kyle Douglas has been in digital for 7+ years, and now creates and grows internal SEO teams for digital transformation agencies.

Zack Chambers

Zack Chambers is an expert on Twitter Marketing. Zack is a digital marketer with a focus on Twitter optimization and SEO. He enjoys helping his clients fulfil their dreams through whatever marketing approach can best assist them in their particular situation. In his free time, he likes weight lifting and reading just about any book he can get his hands on.

George Glover

George is the CEO and Co-Founder of digital marketing agency Social Garden. Social Garden specialises in data-driven lead generation and marketing automation to grow companies’ revenue in different verticals in Australia.

Roberto Gravin

Roberto Garvin is the co-founder of Mofluid. He is amazed to see how technology continues to evolve. From email to browsers, search engines, mobile, AI and now blockchain, he feels fortunate to witness it all and is really excited to see what’s next.

Alexandra Milhat

SEO outreach specialist with a passion for digital marketing. At Breakline I work to build relationships with PR experts on behalf of our clients.

Rameez Ghayas Usmani

Rameez Ghayas Usmani is a data-science and SEO enthusiast. He loves to apply machine learning algorithms to the digital marketing industry in order to amplify the marketing results. He spends his time coding, travelling, reading books, and occasionally writes to spread his knowledge via blogs and discussions.

Ash Salleh

Ash Salleh is the Director of SEO at Campaign Monitor, where he works closely with content, copy, and analytics teams to improve site-wide optimization. Prior to his time at Campaign Monitor, he also provided SEO and digital marketing expertise at Zappos and Axiata Digital.

David Campbell

Digital Marketing Specialist currently working remotely with Ramp Ventures. In my current role, I head up the content marketing & SEO efforts for Right Inbox. I previously led the marketing efforts at Voila Norbert as well.

Kenneth Sytian

Kenneth is the CEO of Sytian IT Solutions Inc, a leading digital marketing agency and I.T. company based in Manila, Philippines.

Hannah Stevenson

Hannah Stevenson is the Content Marketing Manager at UK Linkology. A former journalist who is now a blogger and digital marketing specialist, she is committed to helping her customers and readers to use content to grow their online presence.

Daniel Bishop

I started off my career in digital marketing by working for a few local companies. After a year or two of learning different aspects of the job, I moved on and worked for DesignRush as a content advisor. Right now I'm working for ReallySimpleSystems as an assistant editor and a marketing consultant. Other than that I enjoy good coffee and Otis Redding.

David Kovacs

David Kovacs is an entrepreneur and a performance-driven digital marketing expert. David worked with businesses that range from Fortune 500 companies to start-up ventures. He is the founder of a digital agency Travel SEO that helps growing travel businesses profit from online marketing with #1 page rankings.

Mike Khorev

Mike Khorev is an SEO expert and digital marketing consultant who helps small and mid-size businesses generate more leads, sales and grow revenue online. He offers expert advice on marketing your company the right way through performance-based SEO digital marketing, web design, social media, search engine marketing and many other online practices.

Helen Holovach

Helen Holovach is a dedicated copywriter for blog. She’s passionate about email marketing, deep research, and statistics. Her guest posts were published on highly-ranked blogs including Business2Community, Webku, and Marketing2Business. When she’s not researching and writing another article, you can find her playing mobile games or singing songs to a guitar.

Zara Smith

I am responsible for creating, managing and excelling SEO strategies for a number of niches - from health to app development. Testing and adapting new SEO techniques on a daily basis is a passion of mine, with the aim of ensuring top results in all cases. SEO never stops changing, so each day is a new lesson.

Shane Barker

Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant for 15 years with an emphasis on Influencer Marketing in the last 5 years. He is specialized in sales funnels, targeted traffic and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, Influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

Ashley Lennon

Ashley Lennon is a recent MSc Marketing graduate specialising in Outreach as part of a marketing team in Glasgow. She is also an experienced blogger who owns, a lifestyle and marketing blog. Feel free to check her out on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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