Best Exit-Intent Popups That Convert


A jolly and warm goodbye can lead to great humble beginnings. 

That one last message can either trigger the next conversation or close the curtains completely. The same theory applies to exit-intent popups.

If you want to increase the engagement with your customers like me, exit-intent popups can do wonders. Exit-intent popups aren’t just powerful; they are the key to grow your subscribers drastically.

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Basically, exit-intent popups let me quickly connect with the customers one last time before they are leaving my site. Exit-intent technology detects users who are leaving and displays them one final message. Talk about sneaking.

Over the years, exit-intent popups have shown excellent results. Although it annoys some customers, there’s no drawback of popping up a final goodbye. Data indicates that exit-intent popups recover 53% of abandoning visitors.

With all that said, I have hand-picked the nine best exit-intent popups that convert visitors to customers. I’ll review each method one by one.

Provide Discount

Just like other human beings, I love an extra cut on the original price. I feel good when I receive a discount code or coupon. What’s a better way to leave a great impression than providing a discount to leaving customers?

I can quickly get my customers’ personal information in exchange for a discount code. That’s called playing with the innocent brains of human beings, hehe. Well, that’s not entirely it, offering a discount encourages the person to break the hesitation fence and invest in your business.

Most of the time, I don’t even use the discount code, but hey, I like the feeling of collecting them. That’s why providing a discount on the exit-intent popup can be so crucial for converting viewers to customers.

Is it me or everyone feels more confident in purchasing from a store that has just provided a discount code? Rewarding customers with discount coupons boost their trust in your business.

I personally recommend all my readers to use this method for recovering abandoning visitors. This trick has helped me to gain more customers and fewer viewers. Check out how Adidas pull the customers to sign-up by giving a 15% discount on first orders.

Don’t Forget to Add a Reminder

If I’m abandoning my choices and the website doesn’t prompt me a reminder, I’ll surely exit and never return. It’s how things work in the digital world. Reminding a user of his/her action can work out well.

Add an exit-intent popup that reminds the user about some catchy things. Don’t be boring and reiterate on the obvious stuff. Add something relevant and valuable to the exit-intent popup that makes the customer surrender.

For instance, you have an eCommerce store, and the customer is leaving after adding some stuff in the cart. That’s where you want to add an exit-intent popup that prompts the user with a meaningful message. 

It can be something like, “You have these items in your cart, and we can mail you them.” That’s how you can swiftly get your hands on the personal information of customers while looking concerned.

The key is to stop & remind the customers about their actions. Be interactive with customers and compensate their time with something worthwhile. One way to make reminders enjoyable is by adding powerful words, attractive pictures & benefits of subscribing.

Offer Free Trial!

Giving customers a free trial in the exit-intent popup takes their undivided attention. Even if the customers weren’t sure about purchasing your product, offering a free trial will make them think once again.

A free trial is like a full-fledged experience of the product or service you are offering. And that’s really attractive. I bet that most of the customers will fall for this trick and take the free trial.

Once I’m used to something premium, it’s harder for me to get back to the ordinary. The same goes for taking the bait of trial. Your customers will get comfortable with the service or product, and it will be exhausting for them to abandon it.

The free trial doesn’t just help you to build customers but long-lasting and loyal patrons. Once the customers start enjoying your service or product, it will make them come again and again.

You just need to offer a free trial on the exit-intent popup and wait for the magic to start spreading. After seeing the free trial that holds some good value, your customer will surely take it with pleasure.

Start providing free trials on exit-intent popups today, and you can thank me later.

Provide Free Shipping

The number one reason behind customers abandoning their shopping carts is the shipping cost. To decrease the rate of customers leaving your website, just offer free shipping. You can recover up to 50% customers by providing free shipping exit-intent popup.

According to eMarketer, free shipping is the primary motivator for a customer to actually become a buyer. It solves the problem of shipping cost as most of the customers are reluctant to give money for logistics.

There are two ways you can offer free shipping to customers. Firstly, provide a coupon code in the exit-intent popup. Next up, you can directly add the code to the shipping cart for a limited time period.

Both methods are great, but I recommend you guys to use the second option. The major drawback in the first option is that the user has to type the code explicitly. On the other hand, the second option automatically adds the code to the cart, making it feasible for every type of customer.

Providing free shipping works like a charm! It makes your customer buy the product that he/she was unsure about due to shipping cost. Take the leap today and see the results for yourself.

Surprise Customers

I love surprises! I just love the feeling that the surprise can be anything. It takes me back to childhood. Negotiate personal information from customers by offering surprises. Add a neat punch-line on your exit-intent popup that promises a surprise.

Your exit-intent popup can be something like, “Enter Your Email & Check a Surprise in Your Inbox.” It will bring out the inner child in your customer, and he/she will surely agree to provide the email address.

When your customers are exiting the website, show them an exit-intent popup that catches their eye. It’s essential that you insert a catchy yet clever line that pressures them to surrender happily.

Being creative with the keyword “surprise” is the key to make your last goodbye count. Bring the creativity out of you and think outside of the box about ways you can attract the customers by the word “surprise.”

It’s the human-nature to uncover the hidden tile. Take advantage of this fact and attract customers by promising them a surprise. This exit-intent popup is used by many companies to make regular visitors into loyal subscribers.

Use Humour & Make Vistors Laugh

As they say, laughing is the best medicine known to humanity. Be the doctor and prescribe it to your customers in an exit-intent popup. Make your customers smile by adding funny images or text to exit-intent popups on your site.

Let lose the humour inside you and find ways to convey it brilliantly. Check out the exit-intent popup down below and tell how can you not notice it?

Be creative and know your audience to bring a smile on their face. Just be so funny and hilarious that your visitors can’t ignore what you are selling. Make your customers laugh, and it will undoubtedly result in them getting on your boat.

Look out for fun ideas that are related to your brand. Chucklesome exit-intent popups will entertain customers and make them take interest in your services and products. Using humour will take the engagement level of your web on a whole new munch.

Collect Feedback by Asking Simple Questions

Use the exit-intent popup to ask questions from customers. It’s a perfect way to gain eye-opening insights about users. You can ask them about the reason for the visit and some related questions to collect data.

The data you’ll collect from asking simple questions will help you to understand your audience. Just like Cobb in Inception, you can enter the mind of visitors by getting their feedback.

After knowing how your visitors feel, think, and act, you’ll be able to structure a better strategy for your business. You can hook-up an offer as a gift for answering the questions. This trick helps you to get feedback, customer trust, and their personal information.

You can set up this type of exit-intent popup on your site’s pages, which have high bounce rates. This way, your customers will stop, and the bounce rate will automatically decrease.

The possibilities are endless. You just need to use this exit-intent popup neatly to gain impressive results. Try out this method today and start collecting valuable data from customers. See how one website has implemented this type of exit-intent popup.

Offer More Things for Free

Who doesn’t like a bunch of things for free? I personally love getting something for free related to my interests. Offer your customers with an open deal or lifetime access to some of your services or products.

This tactic creates a sweet-spot in the heart of customers. As a customer, when I get something premium for free, it builds respect and love for the company in my heart. I tend to give more attention than before after this gesture.

Offer upgrades or something next-level to your customers according to what they are looking for. It will not only catch their attention but build a whole new level of interest in your brand. Provide value to customers, and they’ll come running to you.

Explicitly list down the things or perks you are giving them away for free. It sort of adds a positive burden to the customers. Moreover, effectively use formatting when pairing this method to an exit-intent popup on your site.

Tell your customers that the stuff you are providing them is rare and hard to find. Furthermore, swirl in some catchy phrases and sentences to build an even strong impression. Below is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Chat to Gain Trust & Remove Barriers      

Most of the time, a customer bounces off your site as they are unsure. In the digital world, abstraction plays a massive role in scaring away customers. As distance increases, trust decreases. Offering your customers to chat, remove the barriers between you and the customer.

The chat exit-intent popup gains the attention of your customer. Providing a chit-chat option turns your visitors into customers. Even if you have set-up a chatbot on your exit-intent popup, it can pull miracles.

Your last effort to farewell customers via a chit-chat exit-intent popup can quickly turn into a meaningful conversation. Moreover, ensure customers can now get answers to their questions via the chat popup, which results in them inclining towards you.

You can schedule a call or private conversation via the chit-chat exit-intent popup and ask customers about their personal information. Apart from the name, you can quickly get an email & phone number by applying this method.

Be engaging and show seriousness towards your customers. By offering them a chance to chat and solving their problems, you are gaining their trust and removing the hurdles of the digital world.

You don’t need to offer 24-hour chat assistance to be helpful for customers. An AI chatbot can do the heavy-lifting for you. Add this exit-intent popup today on your website and see stunning results.

I hope you enjoyed this piece. We covered nine best exit-intent popups in immense detail so you can make the most out of these. Go through each method thoroughly before you start executing it on your website. 

Moreover, check out the example images and take some ideas on how you can utilize these exit-intent popups. Implement these exit-intent popups today and covert your viewers to buyers!

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