Why Running a Successful Blog Is Now More Important Than Ever

Blogs were once mediums for sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions. They were ideal outlets for anyone who wanted to share their feelings and experiences with the world. Today, in a world that is heavily digital, blogs have come to be the most effective mediums for building a strong online presence. Blogging now plays an important […]

5 Ways You Can Use Facebook Ads To Drive More Sales

Some of the best ways you can use Facebook ads to drive more sales to your business makes use of the dynamism of the said social media channel. Numerous companies want to achieve their business goals, targeting the high number of users who actively use the social media channel. It has proven to be an […]

Split Testing: 7 Tricks to Gain More Sales

Split testing is a great method to find out what actually works best as a promotional and marketing strategy for your business. This A/B split method is applicable for testing anything from web copies to sales, emails to search ads. Your marketing efforts will find the right direction, effectiveness and success with A/B testing. Once […]

19 Tips for Creating Valuable Content

Try not to become a person of success. Rather a person of value. There is so much truth in that statement made by Albert Einstein. When you create content, don’t do it for the quantity. Focus on the quality of what you offer to your readers. Here is a must-have guide for creating valuable content. […]

61 tips for using Twitter effectively

Twitter is a fabulous networking tool for any small business or freelancer. But are you using it effectively? Check out these simple tips that’ll have you using Twitter like a pro in no time! Twitter Basics 1. Upload a profile pic – eggs do not encourage followers. Preferably use a headshot, but if you’re camera shy a logo will […]

Here are some popular SEO Myths

Here at Breakline, we are constantly being questioned about what works, what doesn’t work and is it true statements so I thought I would compile a quick ‘SEO Myth buster list’ to help our visitors. Here are some popular SEO Myths: Higher bid on PPC ensures a higher Ad placement. Once you achieve top/high rank for your keyword you […]

Stop Wasting Precious Time and Money on Facebook

Every year, marketers start making predictions on the next big marketing trends. You may have noticed the blog posts and tweets rolling out already? Marketers ducking and diving, jostling to position themselves as an “authority” on any given topic. Bold predictions are tossed around with the aim of gaining attention and becoming the next go-to guru. Expect the noise to […]

5 Ideas for Business Blog Posts

I know you’ve been trying to ignore it. It’s been months since you last did it. It’s that thing you know you must do but just can’t seem to summon the strength. You can’t even think of what to write about. Almost everyone knows that you should blog. But just as many have no idea what […]

The Enormous Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

Do you remember when blogs didn’t even exist? It seems a lifetime ago. Yet, there are now over 43 million blog posts produced each month in WordPress alone. The fact that you are reading this blog post indicates that you have probably digested hundreds if not thousands of other similar posts in the last few years. You’ll […]

Ever wondered why nobody’s listening?

  I mean, you’ve written loads of posts, sent hundreds if not thousands of emails… And yet the phone isn’t ringing and the inbox is empty. What gives? You’re Stressing Features, Not Benefits This is, without doubt, the most common of content and copywriting errors. You sell a great product or service… You know your […]

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