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25 Essential Content Marketing Metrics To Measure Your Success

A well-executed Content Marketing strategy offers a huge amount of benefits which go far beyond increased traffic and lead generation. If you go through this list of factors indicators, you’ll be able to identify potential weaknesses of your content marketing strategy and optimize its ROI. A standard advertising campaign will generate lots of views and […]

13 Things to Keep in Mind When Writing Content for Landing Pages

Where are all your costly clicks being directed? Are they being targeted to custom-landing pages with custom content? Or are they going straight to your homepage? Use your landing page to further the connection your lead makes with you. Today’s post will reveal 13 easy to use tips while writing custom content for your landing […]

What Is Content Marketing And How To Use It To Get More Traffic

In this article, we discuss content marketing, what it is and how you can use it to gain more traffic to your website. What Is Content Marketing? Your company obviously needs a website where you can present your people, your product or service, your contact information and your terms and conditions. After creating a wonderfully […]

How To Do B2B Content Marketing Like A Pro

A lot of content marketers think that writing for business customers is the same as writing for the individual consumer. It’s people making the decision in both cases, right? Actually there are some big differences in the way individual and business customers make purchases. And it will impact how and what you write. Characteristics of the B2B Customer Here are the traits of the B2B...

7 Steps To Build Your Content Strategy Like A Pro

What does it take to be a great content strategist? There are a few qualities that stand out, including excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of what solutions will work for a specific client. Essentially, content strategist must be a driving force in implementing a great content strategy. More often than not, a content strategist needs to become efficient in...

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