Top 8 B2B SaaS Lead Generation Ideas


Lead generation can be a huge challenge for any business in any industry, yet we can’t deny its importance: if we can’t generate more leads, we won’t be able to get more customers and grow our business. However, we can argue that in the B2B SaaS industry environment, there are some unique...

Advanced SEO Strategies You Should Implement in 2021


It’s safe to assume that those who want more from their search engine optimization (SEO) campaign consider the most important SEO ranking factors. Admittedly, well-optimized sites get more traffic and therefore more leads and sales.  However, without SEO, people won’t find your...

Content Marketing Trends 2021


Content marketing is still a critical part of any organization’s marketing strategy, and this isn’t about to change in 2021. As an industry, it is fast-moving towards a worth of more than $400 billion, which just goes to show the kind of confidence and investment brands and businesses have put...

15 eCommerce Strategies to Boost Black Friday Sales


There were an estimated 7.4 billion online shopping sales during the Black Friday of 2019.  This was an all-time high in sales for a Black Friday.  With another massive sales day looming, it’s important that e-commerce businesses work on their online strategies. They need to be...

How to Write an Effective Marketing Strategy 


If you want to get your brand noticed in a crowded market, you should write a detailed marketing strategy and follow it diligently. Writing a strategy sounds like a challenging task for many entrepreneurs and marketing newbies. However, this task is much simpler than it seems.  No matter...

7 Local SEO Ranking Factors For 2021


Local SEO is undoubtedly one of the most volatile categories of search engine optimization.  Unlike conventional organic SEO, local SEO ranking factors include a wider spectrum of variables and considerations, and that change rather rapidly. 2019 was a profound year for local SEO, as there’s a...

Why Your Business Needs to Go Digital


In the space age of today, you will be hard-pressed to find businesses that don’t have an online presence. Ever since the Internet was born in 1990, the world embraced it immediately, which gave everyone the power to go virtual and caused an unprecedented rise in digital innovations. Fast...

Visual Commerce: 6 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Sales


Have you heard of visual commerce? Don’t fret, if you haven’t. It is nothing but the use of visual content to boost ecommerce sales. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is simple, but only for those who know how to best leverage it to their advantage. Visual commerce is so much more than simply adding...

Top SEO Blogs You Should Follow in 2021


Over the last couple of years, digital marketing has reached new heights. More so, that there is a pandemic and everyone relies on online services nowadays. That said, it is your role as a business owner or marketing professional to be on the lookout for new promotional ideas. Doing so allows you...

12 Essential Video Marketing Tools to Boost Your SEO


Video marketing has now become a staple campaign in any savvy business overall strategy. The latest video marketing stats say that at least 87% of businesses have already added video content to their marketing toolbox. Not only does this engaging type of marketing help you deliver your brand...

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