7 Simple SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic to your Website


Increasing traffic to your website can be very simple. All you have to do is to have some SEO knowledge. Search engine optimization is the technique used to rank a website on search engines. The SEO practices push your website to the top and generate free organic traffic.  When people come to...

How to Tell If an SEO Agency/Consultant is Full of It


So you’ve decided to take some action in order to get some more traffic to your website and in return more leads/sales. This is where SEO comes in and saves the day. The problem is you don’t know how it works, heck, you don’t even know what “SEO” is! SEO stands for...

4 Main Reasons Why SEO and Content Marketing are Equally Important


Time is the online marketer’s perennial dilemma. There are so many things you could do, but so few things you actually have time to do. The two broadest categories of an online marketer’s task are technical SEO, also known as conventional SEO, and content marketing. But what should you...