Content Marketing


All our digital marketing campaigns are powered by high-quality content. We offer content marketing for UK businesses.

It all starts with a content strategy

And.. our content strategy starts with listening.  First, we investigate the market and audience needs and merge these opportunities with client objectives.

content marketing

We work with clients to create content frameworks, from measurement to understanding the audience personas, who should be involved, brand communications and tone to preferred networks of distribution and promotion.

Content creation

From simple blog posts to video to big data mashups, the Breakline content team creates content that educates, informs or entertains, always with an objective.

We originate, repackage and reformat across different media.

Distribution & content promotion

The effort of creating content is only half the equation. Having a strong network to promote content to your audiences is key. We work with clients to develop sustainable and powerful content networks.


We create a measurement matrix for content strategies. Objectives and goals are translated into analytic KPIs and segments. As a matter, of course, campaign tracking formats are created to measure content across different platforms.

Additionally, we offer the opportunity for behavioural analysis through tracking, bespoke reporting and experiential feedback.

How can Content Marketing improve your business?

Having a blog on your website with high-quality content that’s frequently updated is one of the three core necessities of proper SEO (the other two are digital pr and social media engagement).

Content marketing became especially important after the release of Google Panda and Penguin.

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