Here are some popular SEO Myths


Here at Breakline, we are constantly being questioned about what works, what doesn’t work and is it true statements so I thought I would compile a quick ‘SEO Myth buster list’ to help our visitors.

Here are some popular SEO Myths:

  • Higher bid on PPC ensures a higher Ad placement.
  • Once you achieve top/high rank for your keyword you can stop optimising your website.
  • SEO Companies that offer guaranteed top placement for your keywords eliminate the risk.
  • Fantastic short term results are a great result in SEO.
  • Search engine optimisation mainly consists of endless search engine submissions.
  • Search engine optimisation basically is a set of clever techniques designed to con the search engine.
  • By following standard SEO techniques you will guarantee high rankings.
  • If you hire an SEO company it’s expensive and they will blind you with meaningless terms.
  • Basically, all you need do is repeat your keyword loads of times on every page.
  • Most websites are optimised as they are being built so if you get a new website this will all be done for you.
  • There is only one search engine worth optimising for and that’s Google, everybody knows that right?
  • High PR is all that matters and getting a good PR automatically translates to high position.
  • Brand new websites don’t stand a chance in the Search Engines.
  • Link building is a completely automated process with little or no user interaction.
  • A high position for any keyword ensures high sales and conversions.
  • PPC has a knock-on effect on natural/organic ranking.
  • A high bid in PPC is directly proportional to high click through and conversions
  • PPC is far too costly for small business owners to consider.
  • All links in a successful link building campaign are permanent.
  • PPC and keyword selection is all done by some clever bit of database.
  • Getting more and more links will increase PR
  • The number of links a site has is far more important than the quality.
  • An endless number of links can be acquired for free given enough time.
  • Having an XML sitemap will boost your search rankings.
  • Top-level domains improve rankings.
  • Including a target keyword in anchor text no longer matters in SEO.
  • Google will find your fresh content and index it.
  • Keyword research is not necessary.
  • SEO is easy, anyone can do it.
  • Paid search improves organic results.
  • Linking out to authority sites sends organic visitors away.

I hope these clear some things for you, I might elaborate on these points individually in the future.

About the author

Alex Thomas

I've been involved in digital marketing for over 10 years and have worked with global and local companies on large scale SEO and PR campaigns. In my current role at Breakline, I'm responsible for winning new business, creating, implementing and overseeing SEO campaigns, social communications, online and offline media relations.

By Alex Thomas
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