How to Repurpose Blog Content on Social Media


If you are managing several blogs across a number of social media platforms, repurposing content can be a lifesaving option.

Therefore, it is worth putting efforts in repurposing your blog content to make it appropriate for your current readers.

Besides, you can find a whole new viewpoint on a topic that you might have missed out on the first attempt.

Not only it will save you a lot of time and effort, but it can also breathe a new life into old content as well as introduce some more interesting angles of the topic.

Remember that your social audience loves visual content.

So if you want to have them in your pocket, you need to spice up your content with some appealing visual content.

Moreover, repurposing your content provides a fresh look into a topic to your existing readers; while it also helps you inspire new readers.

Let me draw an apt analogy here. You must have watched some of the classic Disney movies recently as well as 3D versions of classic films.

These classic pieces of artwork managed to gain even more popularity in this century simply because they not only got the attention of their old patrons but they also inspired the new generation.

The major reason behind their popularity is that they cater to the taste of both old and new viewers.

Similarly, if you are a blogger, some of your social audience would want to see the infographics, pictures, and other visual content, while the other would like the ease of watching the video. And of course, there are others who still prefer the good old text.

Not only it will help you gain more social media followers but also improve your website’s SEO via social signals.

Remember that your social audience loves visual content. So if you want to have them in your pocket, you need to spice up your content with some appealing visual content.

Considering the many benefits of this technique, we share in this article some insightful tips on how you can repurpose your content and make it more relevant for your new audience:

Add Video Tutorials Or Webinars

Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or YouTube are excellent platforms where you can host your webinar and speak on topics you may already have covered in text or image form.

Attendees to these webinars can be really large in number, and will also attract new leads, visitors, and fans that didn’t know what they were missing until you put it out on video.

Instagram Live usually gets more hits, but it can’t be saved and rewatched. You can always record your video from your webcam and upload it later on YouTube, putting the link of your channel in the video or video description.

Turn Blog Posts Into Step-By-Step Guides

You could have written a blog post on how Pinterest is best used, or how best to manage time as a working mother. These posts could have been a huge hit, but their usefulness is not yet over!

You can easily turn your old posts into an infographic with a catchy title, which can then be shared in your marketing campaigns and generate even more leads towards your blogs or anywhere else where your audience can get to you.

Upload Powerpoint Presentations Onto Slideshare

PowerPoint presentations can take a long time to prepare, and look professional once they’re properly done. One doesn’t really want to delete them or leave them lying around on the computer.

Luckily, you can upload these beautiful charts and graphs to Slideshare, a popular and useful site for turning presentations into slide decks.

You can edit your slides so that they appeal to a consumer audience, instead of the one it was originally intended for.

You could then embed the whole thing into your web pages, whether you only have one or several. The least amount of effort has now transformed your presentation into an eye-catching and attractive piece of content.

Turn Interviews In Expert Advice Books

There may have come a time when you conducted an interview related to your field of work on your blog or any social media platform. Whether this interview was text-based, through video conferencing, audio, or a one-on-one video, it would have been sure to gain a huge number of hits.

Interviews are extremely popular with Internet users and content creators. This is because they are easy to bring about. The least effort simply requires emailing some experts and copy-pasting their responses. The experts being interviewed would then themselves be sure to promote your post as well.

It’s easy to repurpose these traffic magnets, as long as you take the required permission from the interviewees. Take the same expert content you already have and rewrite them all into a book. This compiled expert advice would be backed up by all the bigwigs that you have interviewed so far.

By coming out with a book like this, you would attract those users who prefer to download their information and carry it around with them, reading it at their leisure.

One can’t get this with a video or audio file since they require attention for a longer and specific time. Those who missed your interviews would also appreciate this chance to catch up.

Put Your Images On A Pinterest Board

Some bloggers like to put scores of images in their posts, whether they’re about their recipes or their vacations. These images could later be put on a Pinterest board with a repurposed title and captions. That way, your post would have a whole new audience while essentially remaining the same.

Anyone who searches for a topic that’s related to your field would be directed to your Pinterest board and view your images. This is called referral traffic, and can only serve to further popularize your content.

Use Quora For Your Posts

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Facebook-based blogger or a regular one on a site like WordPress; you’re always in need of topics that will catch the interest of your audience and get them to talk about your work.

Quora is a treasure of content ideas that could truly inspire and guide you towards some of the best posts of your career.

Quora is basically a platform for users to ask questions from thought leaders. The trick is to find the questions that have received many upvotes, meaning that the topic they relate to is popular. Once you find a popular topic that you are also interested in, you’re good to go!

You could then use the given answers, as well as your own knowledge, research, and experience, to write a detailed blog post answering the question yourself.

The best part?

You can then posts a link as an answer to the original question so that you can attract Quora users to your website, page, or blog. Traffic galore!

This practice would get you in touch with people who are interested in the same things you create content about and can possibly establish your fame in a certain area online.

Bottom Line

The more you look around, the more you would find that your existing content could be used as tweets, posts, video, and so much more!

However, care must be taken not to overdo it, as there’s only so much repurposing you can do before it becomes old. Be sure to actually have something new to give to your audience, otherwise, you could risk losing what you have.

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By Alexandra Milhat
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