Infographics and SEO: Boost your Search Engine Rankings [Case-Study]


You might have heard this several times before — Content is King! Yes, it is. But today visuals materials like infographics are outperforming.

Infographics are all in the rage now and they will continue to be widely used.

In 2012, the hashtag #infographic was shared 56,765 times on Twitter and it will continue to be the most commonly used for your blog rankings and content visibility.

As the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, people are naturally drawn to engage with infographics more than written content.

According to Statista “About 67% Marketers in America used visual materials as one of the top marketing tactics.

Most importantly, useful infographics have the ability to make your content go viral, generate a number of high-quality backlinks, and improve your overall site SEO.

Infographics for SEO Rankings

Infographics are a highly effective visual tool that plays an essential role for your website SEO that can not only help you gain traffic to your website but also boost your site rankings.

The following are the reasons for every inbound marketer to use high-quality infographics as their marketing weapon:

Infographics are Easily Shareable and Linkable

Infographics have jumped on the visual Ferrari, exploding in a form of easily shareable content and ensuring marketers with measurable results in terms of social media popularity.

According to HubSpot, infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x more than any other type of content.

Sharing of infographics to different social media platforms not only helps people to engage with your content but these social signals also indicate search engine crawlers about your social media presence which will ultimately result in higher SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings.

With an infographic embedded in your website, you have a permanent linkable asset that retains relevancy and will continue to be a source of social shares for months after it is displayed on your website.

Infographics for High-Quality Link Building

Link building is one of the most essential yet most challenging aspects of SEO but infographics can solve that problem for you.

Stand-alone and unresearched infographics will rarely perform in search engines.

Well-designed and insightful infographics can help you garner a boatload of backlinks.

Make sure to craft a well-researched infographic that’s of interest to a particular niche or industry, they will not only share that information but also give you credit.

And the best part:

These backlinks will help you rank higher in Search Engine Rankings.

I recently designed a well-researched infographic —Safety Precautions for Travelers during Coronavirus Pandemic — that helped me seek tons of traffic to my website and on my social media.

Infographics for Guest Posts

The industry of guest posting is becoming challenging and to acquire natural links to your content requires great efforts as webmasters are adopting very tough external linking policies.

On the other hand, Engaging and relevant Infographics help provide an excuse for webmasters to link back to your website whilst providing value to the reader.

The best way is to outreach the webmasters and inform them about your great infographic. After that, make them aware of how it relates to their readers and why it is a good fit for their blog.

It is one of the simplest yet effective ways to promote your content to earn backlinks to your website.

Infographics for Reducing Bounce-Rate

According to Backlinko, “Websites with low average bounce rates are strongly correlated with higher rankings”

That’s why marketers today are experimenting with every trick in the book to help them with decreasing the bounce rates of their websites.

I know what you’re thinking…

Yes, there is one underrated technique that most of the web managers haven’t implemented i.e Infographics!

Highly attractive and compelling infographics sustain the attention of your readers and help them get engaged with your content even longer ultimately resulting in a low bounce rate of your website.

Infotic Technique

The Infotic Technique is a method that I invented to acquire good quality backlinks to my website.

Simply search for any topic in your niche and examine the top ranking websites.

After examining the websites, go through their content and craft a thorough infographic.

Lastly, outreach webmasters of the sites by emailing them about the infographic you have designed for them that covers all of their topics.

There are high chances that they will embed your infographic and provide a backlink to your website.

This technique takes time but helped me generate multiple high-quality backlinks to my site.

Case Study: Airport Sleeping Pods

Back in the Holiday season of 2019, Frequent travellers showed a significant concern about “Sleeping at the airports”.

That is when I started the Keyword Research against the query to write a great insightful blog for travellers to take advantage of.

I published a guide on Airport Sleeping Pod that provides travellers with a place where they can rest and sleep in the airport.

The blog ranked at 31st Position on Google Rank as soon as I published it:

I tried to work out every possible technique from the optimization of On-Page and Off-Page SEO to Content Marketing of my blog but failed to get any positive results.

After that, I created multiple good-quality and well-researched infographics and embedded them on my blog. 

The results I witnessed right away after I updated my blog with infographics were astonishing:

Infographic Impact on SEO Ranking:

I was surprised to see that the blog that glued on the 31st position on Google Rank boosted up straight to Featured Snippet immediately after I embedded the Infographics in my blog.

Amazing, isn’t it?

You can also notice the uprising trend for the ranking of my blog from February to March — when I published the infographics on my blog.

Infographic Impact on Blog Traffic:

Apart from the traffic gained from social shares, I was not able to seek a good number of organic traffic on my blog. But as soon as my rankings skyrocketed the blog experience a significant surge in the organic traffic.

Infographic Impact on Backlinks:

The social shares and backlinks for the blog also saw a sharp increase in numbers. The infographic was shared on different platforms including Reddit, Pinterest, and other infographic submission websites.

Top Infographic Submission Websites

If you’re someone that has a knack for creating immersive infographics, chances are you’ve felt the anguish of having to wait for weeks and sometimes months to hear back from authority sites about your submission.

To make the process just a little bit easier, here’s a list of the most respected sites that accepted infographic submissions. I’ve mentioned the Domain Rating, making it easier for you to prioritize accordingly.

DR: 55

How to Submit and Price: For $25, submitters can have their infographics published within 1-3 days here. Free submissions are also available but can take up to several weeks to publish.

Infographics Archive

DR: 55

How to Submit and Price: There are no free submissions as the standard submission will cost $20. It will be published within 5 business days, although a home page appearance will cost extra.

Infographics Showcase

DR:  50

How to Submit and Price: There’s no free submission option as the standard fee is set at $25. All submissions typically go live when submitted here within 7 days.

Infographic Bee

DR: 26

How to Submit and Price: Free submissions are allowed but can take several days to get approved. A payment of $9.95 will earn you an express review within 1-2 days when submitted here.

Cool Infographics

DR: 60

How to Submit and Price: Although submissions are allowed for free, you’ll need to fill a contact form. Word of advice, make sure your request and entry are truly unique.

Infographics Journal

DR: 55

How to Submit and Price: There are three options for submissions. Basic is free and can take up to 2-3 weeks to get approved. Express is $25 with submissions approved on the same day. The Featured submission costs $75 ensuring your post remains visible on the “featured” section of the home page for an entire week.

DR: 78

How to Submit and Price: Incredible easy to submit as all submissions are free and require just an account on the website.

Infographic Reviews

DR: 21

How to Submit and Price: You’ll have to submit your infographic here. Once approved, you’ll get an email with more details.


DR: 45

How to Submit and Price: All submissions are free but are required to meet their quality guidelines. Make sure your entry is different to increase chances of approval.

Submit Infographics

DR: 46

How to Submit and Price: You’re initially required to fill this form. Afterwards there is a fee of $3 for a regular submission and approval within a month. Other options exist with different timeframes as well.

Infographic Post

DR: 34

How to Submit and Price: A free submission is allowed but with no guarantees of approval and publication. Two other plans include a $10 one for publication within 5 days and $20 for publication within 2 days when submitted here.

Infographic Plaza

DR: 33

How to Submit and Price: Free submissions can take up to a month to be approval. Express publication is available at $10 when submitted here.

Daily Infographic

DR: 84

How to Submit and Price: You’ll need to start from their contact page. Once approved, you’ll get a relevant email with necessary details.

Directory of Infographics

DR: 15

How to Submit and Price: Free submissions are allowed but no within no guarantees of publication. A $10 fee will get you instant publication when submitted here.


DR: 12

How to Submit and Price: Fill this form and submit your infographic for free.

Shit Hot Infographics

DR: 16

How to Submit and Price: You’ll need to contact David Eaves to submit your infographic. If it is of sufficient quality, it’ll be published in a few days. Check this page for further details.

Infographic Database

DR: 25

How to Submit and Price: There’s a $20 charge for all submissions. More details available here.


DR: 17

How to Submit and Price: Free submissions are allowed along with a 100-word unique description of your infographic for it to be reviewed and published. Instant publication is available at $10 here.


DR: 16

How to Submit and Price: You’ll need to pay $9.99 via PayPal. Afterwards, you need to fill in a form with relevant details for it to be featured. More details are available here.

The Infographics

DR: 29

How to Submit and Price: Connect with Tom Cumpsty on Twitter to get your infographic published.

All Infographics

DR: 33

How to Submit and Price: Submissions are free but can take weeks to be published. More details are available here.

Best Infographics

DR: 30

How to Submit and Price: All submissions are free but require an email to the editors specifying the details of the infographic. More details available here.

Visual Kiwi

DR: 20

How to Submit and Price: They accept free submissions here.

Infographic Portal

DR: 39

How to Submit and Price: For a $10 fee, your infographic will be reviewed and published within 24 hours. For more details, click here.

I Love Charts

DR: 49

How to Submit and Price: Submit your infographic in .PNG format and a caption here for it be approved and published.

Infographic Website

DR: 27

How to Submit and Price: All submissions made here are free. Click here to learn more.


DR: 91

How to Submit and Price: Reddit has several dedicated subreddits for infographics, primarily /r/infographics with 100,000+ members. Submissions here are free and can easily go viral.


DR: 92

How to Submit and Price: Create an account, create an album, upload your infographic. It’s that simple.


DR: 92

How to Submit and Price: Create an account, click “Add Work” and upload your infographic.


DR: 95

How to Submit and Price: Create an account on the site and upload your infographic in PDF format.

Infographics Zone

DR: 46

How to Submit and Price: You’ll have to submit your work on this page along with an email and a unique introduction of 200-300 words along with a unique title for the infographic.

News I Like

DR: 37

How to Submit and Price: Go to their contact page and make a submission for free.

Submit Visuals

DR: 16

How to Submit and Price: All submissions are free along with a unique description here.

Amazing Infographics

DR: 33

How to Submit and Price: Go to the submissions page and submit your infographic for approval. Once approved, you’ll receive an email along with the necessary details.

uCollect Infographics

DR: 9

How to Submit and Price: You’ll have to create an account before making a submission. All submission are accepted for free as long as they fulfill the necessary guideline available here.

Infographics Posters

DR: 30

How to Submit and Price: There is a standard cost of $20 that covers all submissions made here.


DR: 14

How to Submit and Price: There’s a $10 fee on all submissions made through this page.

Only Infographic

DR: 34

How to Submit and Price: Free submissions are allowed as long as they follow the quality guidelines prescribed here.

Infographic List

DR: 49

How to Submit and Price: All submissions are free. If accepted, you’ll receive an email with further details. More information is available here.

Mashable Infographics

DR: 93

How to Submit and Price: Infographics related to social media, tech, marketing, current affairs, and entertainment are all accepted.

Learn more about the process here.


Although there are numerous factors to improve the overall SEO of your website, Infographics are the simplest yet most underrated way to fuel up your search engine rankings.

These infographics are now gaining popularity on the internet for the sake of sharing information in creative ways and for other SEO purposes. 

It’s just as simple as that.

Make sure to embed Killer Infographics in your websites and experience a notable rise in your SEO rankings.

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