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Could Tiktok Be The Future Of Influencer Marketing?


Social media and influencers are becoming a staple of marketing. More and more marketers are recognising influencer marketing as an effective marketing strategy , but with the plethora of social platforms to choose from, it’s difficult to know which ones to target. Alongside this increasing...

How To Do B2B Content Marketing Like A Pro

B2B Content Marketing

A lot of content marketers think that writing for business customers is the same as writing for the individual consumer. It’s people making the decision in both cases, right? Actually there are some big differences in the way individual and business customers make purchases. And it will...

The Pareto of Twitter

The Pareto of Twitter

Back in the dawn of media, businesses used to have a direct intermediary between them and their customers. For instance, when television and newspaper were just getting started, each of these services occupied the space in between a brand and those that it wanted to speak to. This was a benefit and...

7 Steps To Build Your Content Strategy Like A Pro

content strategist

What does it take to be a great content strategist? There are a few qualities that stand out, including excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of what solutions will work for a specific client. Essentially, content strategist must be a driving force in implementing a...