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Local SEO


We’ll help you be hyper-targeted so that more customers visit you.

Highly optimised local SEO ensures your business shows up high on Google Maps and local search when people are looking for services in their area.

Local search is an incredible opportunity to grow your customer base. Our search strategists help you be hyper-targeted, so your messages are right on the mark, bringing you higher footfall and more sales.

Our campaigns are based on intensive evidence-based research into your local markets, competitors and site analytics, where we will consider:

  • Demographics, and how they affect your local proposition
  • Search habits, intent and language
  • Local brand awareness and loyalty
  • Tools that can be used to ensure better measurement
  • Your local footprint beyond your site, like presence on social sites and their effectiveness
  • Access to free local resources that your audience use

We can create and optimise your listings for maximum impressions, advise on local keyword strategy, and optimise pages and product feeds to deliver you more sales. Results For Local Client


Campaign Results Optimising websites to rank high in local searches is about more than just citations and creating content, search engines are taking into consideration a wide range of factors when it comes to ranking your website.

We have experience running highly successful SEO and PPC for businesses of all sizes.

We’ve helped many UK businesses rank in local searches using our local search strategies.

Our campaigns go into intensive detail – that’s exactly what makes them work for you and exactly why you need our experience and knowledge in local search.

Breakline® Agency
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