Why Running a Successful Blog Is Now More Important Than Ever

Blogs were once mediums for sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions. They were ideal outlets for anyone who wanted to share their feelings and experiences with the world. Today, in a world that is heavily digital, blogs have come to be the most effective mediums for building a strong online presence. Blogging now plays an important […]

5 Ideas for Business Blog Posts

I know you’ve been trying to ignore it. It’s been months since you last did it. It’s that thing you know you must do but just can’t seem to summon the strength. You can’t even think of what to write about. Almost everyone knows that you should blog. But just as many have no idea what […]

Ever wondered why nobody’s listening?

  I mean, you’ve written loads of posts, sent hundreds if not thousands of emails… And yet the phone isn’t ringing and the inbox is empty. What gives? You’re Stressing Features, Not Benefits This is, without doubt, the most common of content and copywriting errors. You sell a great product or service… You know your […]

6 Key Tips For Writing More Effective Online Content

I’ve pretty much unsubscribed from most email lists. There was a time when I found some of the content useful. I also liked to keep abreast of how other companies were using email marketing and blogging to engage their prospective customers. But then it all became very predictable and everybody started copying everybody else. Blog posts titled […]

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