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Web Design Factors That Will Convert Visitors to Customers

Contrary to what many may believe, having an eye-catching and attractive website is not the end-all and be-all of one’s digital marketing efforts. A company does not create a website for the sake of vanity. While it’s important for a website to look good, any web design specialist will tell you that the main goal of having one is to generate conversions. This is where proper and strategic web...

Best Exit-Intent Popups That Convert

A jolly and warm goodbye can lead to great humble beginnings.  That one last message can either trigger the next conversation or close the curtains completely. The same theory applies to exit-intent popups. If you want to increase the engagement with your customers like me, exit-intent popups can do wonders. Exit-intent popups aren’t just powerful; they are the key to grow your subscribers...

13 Things to Keep in Mind When Writing Content for Landing Pages

Where are all your costly clicks being directed? Are they being targeted to custom-landing pages with custom content? Or are they going straight to your homepage? Use your landing page to further the connection your lead makes with you. Today’s post will reveal 13 easy to use tips while writing custom content for your landing […]

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