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How To Personalize Your Emails Right: 10+ Tips And Tricks


What’s the key difference between the emails you send to your leads and an email you send to your friend?  The answer is simple. When you send an email to your friend, you are reaching out to them in person.  Here’s what exactly I mean. When you are writing to your friend, you address them by their...

Why Email Is More Effective Than Social Media


When was the last time you bought something that you saw on your twitter feed, your Facebook feed or some other form of social media? Even if you liked, shared or re-tweeted you probably didn’t even click-through to see what the offer was and you almost surely didn’t buy it. Why? It’s simple really...

3 Email Marketing Strategies You Should Be Doing


Personalise. Segment. Automate. Test. These are all often repeated buzzwords in the world of Email Marketing. They’re also common strategies that every email marketer knows about. Whether you’re a business owner or a digital marketer, you’re most likely familiar with these email marketing...

6 Easy Tips for Writing Emails that Get a Response


The first thing I do every morning is rolling out of bed, make a coffee and check my emails. Some would say this is unhealthy… Many “productivity gurus” recommend checking emails just a couple of times per day to avoid being unnecessarily distracted and pulled this way and that before the day...

5 Actionable Online Marketing Strategies To Implement Right Now


So, what’s your excuse? You have a reasonably profitable business and regular clients… Ok, maybe they don’t spend as much as they used to, but they’re reliable; the sort that’ll stick with you. But there’s a nagging doubt…. What if they were to be enticed over to a tech-savvy competitor? And what...

3 Ways to Write Enticing Email Subject Lines


After you collect email addresses for your mailing list, getting your subscribers to open your emails is the next task at hand. Writing enticing email subject lines for your email campaigns should be your first and foremost priority at this point. Not just any subject line, but writing a subject...

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