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SEO for E-commerce Websites: The Ultimate Guide for 2020


Search engine optimization is important for all websites, yet the eCommerce ones won’t achieve much if they aren’t armed with SEO properly. In this guide, you can learn about the SEO specifics in eCommerce and why this marketing strategy is essential for online retail businesses. We’ll give tips...

The ABC’s of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


To have a large volume of organic traffic is to have a never-ending stream of leads. That’s why businesses are scrambling to climb the SERP’s. SEO agencies promise to know the secret but there is no quick fix to SEO. I was going to try and let you down gently, but I changed my mind. It’s not...

How To Improve Your SEO In 2020


How to improve SEO rankings? Good question. Making sure that your website ranks well on search engines is essential because organic traffic can generate a lot of leads. Conquering a nice spot on a SERP (search engine result page) for a specific keyword or set of keywords involves lots of :...

5 SEO Tips That You Should Apply To Your Blog Posts


Content marketing has been one of the biggest buzzwords in online marketing in the last couple of years. But while I’m a huge advocate of small businesses blogging regularly, experience tells me there remains some confusion as to the real ROI of content marketing. The benefit of providing engaging...

Here are some popular SEO Myths


Here at Breakline, we are constantly being questioned about what works, what doesn’t work and is it true statements so I thought I would compile a quick ‘SEO Myth buster list’ to help our visitors. Here are some popular SEO Myths: Higher bid on PPC ensures a higher Ad placement...

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