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The No-Nonsense Guide to Twitter for Small Business Owners


I’m kind of a Twitter addict.

And no, I’m not talking about using it to stalk celebrities, share pictures of my latest meal, and rant about politics — I’m talking about using a Twitter marketing strategy to amp up my sales and catch the attention of my target audience!

I’ve made some really solid connections and even won business from simply tweeting and interacting with my followers.

If you’re motivated enough, you can do it too! Here’s how:

Optimize your bio

Your Twitter bio should help people quickly understand what you do and how you can help them.

For example, my Twitter bio says this:

@Breaklineltd managing director, #isleofwight resident, entrepreneur, I help businesses grow using content marketing & SEO / positive vibes only.”

As you can see, I’ve made it very clear that I’m an entrepreneur and I use content marketing and SEO to help businesses grow.

You should provide similar information in your Twitter bio.

Be sure to keep your target audience in mind and consider what you could put in your bio to make them want to follow you and work with you.

Make it crystal clear that you can solve their problems.

Use the Advanced Search tool to find your target audience and engage with them

Once you’ve got your Twitter bio in good shape, it’s time to start looking for your target audience and following them.

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To use the advanced search on Twitter, go here.

As you can see, this tool allows you to search for words and phrases used in tweets. It also allows you to narrow your search down by location, date, and more.

Think about what your target audience would talk about on Twitter and use the Advanced Search tool to find them that way.

Or, if your target audience includes people/businesses who hold a certain title, you can just search for that using the regular Twitter search.

For example, my target audience for my business at this time is recruitment companies, so I simply search for that and then follow the businesses that pop up in the search.

Avoid being too sales-y when you tweet

Think about it – if you followed someone on Twitter, would you want your feed to be clogged up with their sales pitches every day?

No. You wouldn’t. So, don’t do that to your followers – they don’t want to see that either! In fact, pitching constantly on Twitter is a good way to get unfollowed.

It’s definitely okay to tweet about your products/services occasionally, but try to make sure most of your tweets are engaging and deliver information that your target audience is interested in.

That way, you’ll keep them happy, and they’ll be more likely to purchase from you when you do try to sell!

Manage your tweets with a third-party application.

To save time and avoid wasting your day away on social media, schedule some of your tweets ahead of time! You can do this using a tool like Buffer.

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Not only will Buffer allow you to pre-schedule your tweets – but it will also allow you to track your shares and organize your Twitter marketing efforts more effectively.

Combine Buffer with Bulkly to always keep your queue 100% filled with content.

Align your Twitter marketing efforts with your brand

You should have a clear vision in mind for your brand and how you want to come across to potential customers.

Be sure to stick to your company branding when you tweet.

For example, if your company is known for being edgy and adventurous, that should come across clearly in all of your tweets.

That way, your brand will become even stronger and more defined in the minds of your ideal customers.

And don’t forget to be patient with your Twitter efforts.

It can take months (or even years!) to grow a following that will happily interact with you and buy from you.

Consistently engage with your audience and provide them with helpful information, and your efforts are sure to pay off.

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Alex Thomas

I am responsible for pitching and winning new business, creating and implementing SEO campaign strategies, social communications, on and offline media relations. I am passionate about spreading knowledge about SEO and always search for new ways to improve.

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By Alex Thomas
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