Top SEO Blogs You Should Follow in 2021


Over the last couple of years, digital marketing has reached new heights. More so, that there is a pandemic and everyone relies on online services nowadays.

That said, it is your role as a business owner or marketing professional to be on the lookout for new promotional ideas.

Doing so allows you to be one step ahead of the competition and know what digital marketing packages you can leverage. Moreover, we always tell our clients that being abreast allows you to render excellent services to your customers.

To help you stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends, we have listed down 16 websites that you should follow:

1. Search Engine Land


Search Engine Land was launched in 2007 by Danny Sullivan, one of the most influential people in the Search Engine Optimization industry. The website covers everything from daily news to almost every aspect of SEO.

Apart from their professional editorial team, this website regularly features industry experts who share helpful tips, techniques, and strategies about PPC and SEO. 

It is also worth noting that its parent company, Third Door Media, runs a well-known conference series, the SMX.

2. Moz


Undoubtedly, Moz has become an industry leader when we talk about SEO. Thanks to their inbound strategy that focuses on crafting useful content for anyone interested in SEO. 

If you are the type of person who wants to learn the fundamentals of SEO and more, Moz’s blog has SEO tips and updated educational resources. They also produce digital marketing studies that give you an insight into what works best.

Also, it is the most experienced SEO professionals who write and contribute to the Moz blog. 

So, you are that content that is put out there is always high-quality. You are also sure that the information that they put out there is useful, and at the same time, educational. 

3. Backlinko


Backlinko, a blog that Brian Dean started, is pretty well-known in the SEO world.

He was the proponent of the Skyscraper technique, proving that content quality can beat quantity. Mind you; his website is proof that the Skyscraper technique works.

Although he doesn’t post new blog posts regularly, when he does, you’re sure that the topic is covered comprehensively, from top to bottom. 

He mostly shares actionable SEO tips in his blogs and insightful case studies relating to SEO. 

In some of his blogs, he talks about his professional experience and some helpful tips on overcoming specific issues. The quality of articles that he writes is why many readers love and follow his site.

4. SEMrush


SEMrush sells products that help businesses rank on keyword and ranking research, helping them with their SEO. 

That’s why it makes sense that their blog focuses on SEO best practices, management tips, and preventing penalties.

They also produce case studies that allow readers to understand better how they can use the SEMrush tool better.

5. Search Engine Journal


Search Engine Journal covers SEO, but it also tackles other topics like social media and pay-per-click advertising. 

Still, SEO is the primary focus of this blog. 

It’s made up of a mix of blog posts that’s great for beginners and other important updates and tips for more advanced SEO strategies. 

6. Neil Patel


Neil Patel is one of the most famous SEO experts in the industry. 

Therefore, anyone who wants to learn more about SEO, content marketing, and blogging should follow his blog. 

Here, you’d come across several articles that focus on the most vital SEO topics. However, it’s not about the number of content pieces. It’s about the content of his blog. Almost every topic is covered in detail, and that includes helpful tips and other valuable insights. 

You’d also notice that some of his content is in a podcast or video format, which again covers a large scale of SEO topics. 

7. Search Engine Watch


Search Engine Watch tackles the general trends in digital advertising and marketing. Aside from that, they also provide necessary information related to search engine marketing.

Most of SEW’s content helps marketers keep up with the most recent and innovative trends, such as mobile and voice search. It is also a great blog that allows you to keep up with SEO’s fast-paced world. 

8. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is mainly a blog that covers SEO, but it also tackles other crucial online marketing branches. 

This usually includes guides, case studies, and comprehensive research that provides digital marketing insights. Ahrefs is also helpful in understanding the various aspects of marketing and SEO. 

9. Search Engine Roundtable


Search Engine Roundtable is a well-known resource online that is related to SEO and search engines in general.

Its content focuses explicitly on search engine issues, and they also delve a little bit deeper into the technical aspect of things. 

Therefore, overall, this website is ideal for website owners who already know the SEO basics. 

10. SEO Book


Although some of the blogs we have mentioned previously focus beyond SEO, SEO Book focuses on tackling specific SEO issues. Thus, this sometimes goes a little bit deeper and more on the technical side of things. 

Ideally, this blog is for website owners who already know the SEO basics by heart.

11. Hobo-web


Hobo-web doesn’t usually get mentioned on lists, but surprisingly, it’s one of the best single-author SEO blogs on the internet. 

Although the founder, Shaun Anderson, doesn’t often publish blog posts, you’re sure that it’s comprehensive and worth reading when he does.

Usually, most of his posts are in the 5,000-word count mark.

While it’s worth noting that word count doesn’t amount to anything, all of these blog posts are all high-quality and definitely worth the read.

12. Yoast


If you have a WordPress site, then you know Yoast. But the thing is, it’s more than just a famous plug-in on WordPress. 

Although not many people know this, Yoast also published comprehensive blog posts. Their content usually covers WordPress optimization and their take on SEO fundamentals. 

Apart from that, most of their content is in the form of how-tos and guides. This explains why Yoast’s content is an excellent starting point for SEO beginners.

13. SEO by the Sea


This blog focuses on how search engines work. Founded by Bill Slawski, you should follow him and his blog to know how Google works, how it might work, and how it will work in the future.

After all, this guy is well-known for analyzing a lot of Google patents and whitepapers. That’s why his blog is an excellent go-to place to learn why search engines work the way they do. 

14. SEO Sandwitch Blog


If you’re searching for a one-stop solution for both beginner and expert-level blogs, this blog is perfect.

It covers basic SEO to expert-level content. Each content contains a pool of information and focuses on the latest marketing trends.

All the information shared here would help you in your site rankings and boost your traffic. The blog covers articles from various topics, including social media, PPC, link building, and e-commerce.

Users can also access extensive articles that walk them through the technicalities of SEO. 

15. Gotch SEO


This blog is widely known for producing content related to link building, content creation, and SEO. The owner and founder of this site, Nathan Gotch, regularly curates highly informative and well-researched digital marketing content. 

Readers worldwide follow this website because it provides guides in boosting their SEO efforts. This is possible through the handy SEO techniques that readers get from Gotch SEO.

Apart from that, it is also a training company that provides you with a premium membership. Thus, joining means you get to learn more about SEO and the best and innovative SEO strategies out there. 

16. Distilled


Distilled is another go-to place if you want to learn about the best SEO practices.

As you know, one of the best ways to learn more about SEO is through the blog posts and extensive and in-depth training guides that are offered by Distilled. 

Its blog posts cover various topics such as social media, SEO, PPC, CRO, and many more.

Apart from that, you can also learn more information through videos. However, this is not paid. 

But these are worth watching if you want to enhance your SEO traffic and learn more about SEO’s technicalities in detail.

Over to You

According to the people at VoyMedia Marketing Agency NYC, SEO is not something that you learn once and have it down in your system. It is a practice that requires continuous effort to understand and improve. 

It is also true as search engines continuously make updates and always try out new things. 

If you care about how your site performs and ranks on relevant search results, you should look for reputable companies that provide SEO services. It can also help if you are abreast of the latest digital marketing trends.

That way, you can always have something new to try and then keep it if it works and grows in popularity.

With the techniques and tips that you will learn from these blogs, you will be able to develop a solid SEO strategy in no time. Good luck!

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I've been involved in digital marketing for over 10 years and have worked with global and local companies on large scale SEO and PR campaigns. In my current role at Breakline, I'm responsible for winning new business, creating, implementing and overseeing SEO campaigns, social communications, online and offline media relations.

By Alex Thomas
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